For now, ZeroIn has an option for a manual lead lists upload from any tool that you might be using - your CRM or your marketing or sales email tool.


Make sure your list is in .xcvs or .xlsx format and that it contains the email addresses you want to check.
Go into any Campaign or create a new one. Then select the Campaign you want to import the emails in and select Import.
We suggest creating a new campaign for the email clean up / re-verifications as not to mix in with other leads and other sources you might have.

A pop-up window opens up and will prompt you to match a few most important fields from your sheet with the fields in the ZeroIn like Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company Name, domain of the website and the email address. You will have a preview of the data on the right hand side of the matching field names.

matching field when importing
Make sure you have AT LEAS ONE EMAIL ADRESS listed in the file you are uploading.

After importing the leads you will see them in the selected / created Campaign. Select all leads where you want to reverify the email address, go to the action box and select Add to verify queue.

Add to verify queue

Once the verification process is completed, you will see one of the following notifications next to the email addresses.
Do not exist (invalid email)
Verified | n% of validity - usually we list business emails with 100% accuracy. In rare cases you might see 80% accuracy indicator, meaning that the email has passed the most of the verification steps but not all.
Not found - meaning that email verification hasn't resulted in hard bounce (invalid email) but rather that that specific email server is not allowing the verification process to be completed.
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