ZeroIn can be used with Free or Sales Navigator LinkedIn account - we do not support Recruiter accounts at the moment. After you have created your account on our website, and downloaded the Google Chrome extension form the User Portal, you are ready to get those business emails.

Check out our demo video here, or read the Help article.

First you need to select or create a Campaign in the Chrome extension where the data from that particular search is going to be stored. Choose that Campaign.

Perform the search on People on LinkedIn

Select from how many search result pages you want to gather the data and then click the fetch data button. The number of pages for this type of data gathering for your free account is limited to 3 at the time but for any lifetime deal and paid account it is unlimited.

Chose start and end page for your bulk data gathering

IF you have a free ZeroIn account, to continue gathering the data beyond page 3 in your search results, just click page 4 and continue from there. Make sure to refresh your browser.

Please set the timeout time (this is the time ZeroIn pauses searches for, in seconds, between every new page). Minimum timeout pre-set is 5 seconds.

Timeouts in bulk data gathering

IMPORTANT: LinkedIn can block your LinkedIn account if you are performing too many of these bulk searches. To make sure this doesn't happened, please read this Help article.

You can see your fetching process in real time as there is an indicator showing if the data related to a specific person is already in the Campaign.


IMPORTANT business emails are not found at this moment, Zeroin is just gathering the available data (up to 26 data points) from LinkedIn and adding it to the chosen Campaign. To find business emails, follow the next step.

When the bulk data fetching is completed you should Open you Campaign, go to Select all and chose Add to email verify queue. This way, the process is automatically performed and you can see the progress in the Campaign.

Add to email find queue

You can only gather data from the People search result pages. At the moment, there is no option to gather data from Company search result pages.

IMPORTANT The number of people and the information you can see on LinkedIn search results is determined by number of connections you have on LinkedIn or if you are using paid or premium account. If you see LinkedIn Member as a person name, you will not be able to gather any data nor find their business emails.
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